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British Museum wants to be recreated in Minecraft

British Museum wants to be recreated in Minecraft
New kid in the block

The British Museum has decided that the best way to make itself seem down with the kids is to recreate itself in Minecraft.

In an interesting move designed to appeal to a new generation of museum goers, the plan, according to the BBC, is to ask volunteers to help build the museum and all of its exhibits in a virtual world.

The British Museum is by no means the first big institution to try to align itself with this gaming universe, but it's clearly one way of winning both attention from kids and the media.

Minecraft, as you probably know, was snapped up by Microsoft for a cool $2.5 billion (c£1.5bn) recently, so we're also expecting imminent news of the company's Redmond HQ being recreated block by block as well.

It's in the early planning stages, but we're sure if you are handy enough to recreate Tutankhamun coffin and all then you'll be more than welcome to help.

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