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iFixit offers tech repair manuals for free

Now, how do we put it back together again iFixit?
Now, how do we put it back together again iFixit?

If you enjoy taking computers and gadgets to bits in an attempt to fix them when they break (or you just like taking things to bits for the hell of it!) then iFixit is giving you an early Christmas pressie – all of its repair guides from 2004-2009 are now being made freely available online.

iFixit began offering its detailed repair guides back in 2004 and has become a favourite amongst Mac fans in particular for its tear-downs of every single new product released out of Cupertino since that time.

Creative Commons license

iFixit is now offering its guides to anybody who wants them under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, so users are free to share and adapt the work for their use.

"To our knowledge, this is the largest free release of repair documentation ever," writes iFixit.

"We are committing to make our repair manuals available to everyone in the world, forever, for free."

The news was announced over at the iFixit blog.