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GlobalFoundries produces 20 nanometer test chip

GlobalFoundries produces 20 nanometer test chip
AMD could move to a 20nm process

Semiconductor company GlobalFoundries has demonstrated its 20 nanometer process node with the production of a test chip.

The company - which works with the likes of AMD, Qualcomm and Broadcom - demonstrated full support for every step in a 20nm workflow, and has invited customers to evaluate the technology.

"We are committed to providing customers as much of a time-to-market advantage as possible with each new technology we introduce," said Mojy Chian, GlobalFoundries' senior vice president of design enablement.

Mapped out

GlobalFoundries has worked with four electronic design automation (EDA) companies to create the chip, with each one providing the necessary setup and and support for technology and mapping files.

"Our model of early collaboration with EDA partners accelerates the overall development cycle, and gives customers accessibility to the inner workings of the process so they can begin targeting their designs to the most advanced manufacturing capabilities with confidence," said Chian.

"This success is a major achievement toward market readiness of our newest process, and we will continue to enhance the design enablement support available for it."

If AMD picks up the process, it would put it a whopping 2nm ahead of Intel, which is currently readying its 22nm 3D chips.