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Denon unveils in-ear noise cancelling 'buds

Denon AH-NC600: 99% silence is golden
Denon AH-NC600: 99% silence is golden

Denon has unveiled its first in-ear noise-cancelling headphones, with the AH-NC00 set apparently reducing outside noise by 99 per cent.

Denon has only featured noise cancelling in its over-ear cans up to this point, but it has now rolled the technology into its earbuds.

The £160 headphones are certainly not cheap, but do feature Denon's 'Compressed Audio Restorer' and a 'Radial Cascade Damper' to keep audiophiles happy.

40 hours of bubble

The noise cancelling runs from a conventional AAA battery and offers 40 hours of blissful silence from the outside world.

Denon is also throwing in what it terms a 'compact and ingeniously designed case' which lets you carry your phone along with your headphones.

The Denon AH-NC00 headphones are available from September.