Asus P5B-E Plus review

Getting on, but still a goer

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Our Verdict

It's not brand new, but it's still a great choice - particularly given its 88% overclock possibilities


  • Excellent overclocking potential

    Good value for money


  • Only six SATA ports

When we first took a peek at this board earlier in the year, we came away extremely impressed. After all, with an awesome overclocking ability that's second only to Intel's new P35 chipset and a solid a sensible specification, it's arguable whether you need any more headroom from your motherboard at all.

Has the passage of time, therefore, done anything to dull the P5B-E's considerable lustre? In a word, nope. Intel's 965 chipset is still one of the best for Core 2 overclocking antics, delivering as it does a stable bus speed of 500MHz.

That's no less than an 88% overclock - which should surely be enough for even the most demanding enthusiast's benchmark-busting needs. And it's around £25 cheaper than it originally was as well.

In fact, our only reservations involve the slightly stingy SATA port count of six and the fact the Gigabyte's P35 board clearly boasts superior future-proofing.