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Spire Gemini Rev. 2 review

Adequate in a crowded market is just not good enough

Spire Gemini Rev. 2
An adequate cooler, but is that enough?

Our Verdict

A decent contender, but the average performance doesn't cut it in the crowded chiller marketplace.


  • Decent cooling performance
  • Well made


  • Not competitive enough
  • Fiddly universal mounting

The Spire name is one that's going to be familiar to enthusiast PC folk, so the Spire Gemini Rev. 2 ought to have some serious cooling chops to back up its not inconsiderable girth.

We've seen a lot of CPU coolers sitting in the £40 bracket recently. All of them claim superior cooling performance across a wide range of stupidly powerful (and hot) processors and finger-shredding socket configurations.

One of the best we've seen in the last few months was Enermax's first try at CPU cooling with its catchily-titled ETS-T40-TA.

We're still not entirely sure what the marketing team was doing while the engineers were coming up with one of the finest, most bargainous coolers we've tested.

So Spire has a lot of work to do with the Spire Gemini Rev. 2 and a lot of competition to keep in check.

With a dual-fan, push-me-pull-you setup, manual fan-speed controller and six copper heatpipes it certainly seems like it means business.

But how does it stand up to the serious competition?

Vital stats


- 6x 6mm copper pipes


- Aluminium, copper


- AMD, Intel

CPU TDP design

- 130W


- 131x71x153mm


Spire's Gemini Rev. 2 provides some decent cooling performance considering it's got one of the most powerful CPUs warming up beneath it in our test bench.

That said the similarly-priced Enermax cooler has it beat hands down, especially in the peak to idle temperature test, where the ETS-T40-TA posts the quickest time for an air-cooler we've seen.

CPU cooling performance

Spire Gemini Rev. 2 benchmarks

Spire Gemini Rev. 2 benchmarks

Peak to idle performance

Spire Gemini Rev. 2 benchmarks