Profigold PGA3000

Modestly priced interconnects from Profigold

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Our Verdict

Not for lovers of clinical precision, this cable's character is, however, engaging, detailed and superbly extended


  • Affordable

    Good treble


  • Require a lot of space

    Not particularly clinical

After the success of Profigold's PGC82546 speaker cable, we thought we'd try one of the brand's interconnects.

At a fairly modest price, it appears to offer some more than decent materials and construction, including silver-plated conductors in pseudo-balanced configuration (screen-connected at one end only) and very businesslike phono plugs with a split centre pin and locking collet for totally secure engagement and earth contact.

There's one practical drawback, in that an unusually generous amount of space is required behind equipment to accommodate those long plugs plus stress-relief sleeves, but otherwise this is a promising-looking cable.

It's promising-sounding, too. It may not have quite as much bass authority as we'd like, but it certainly has a tunefulness in the bottom octaves that appeals strongly.

A slight lack of control is shown up by sounds such as plucked double bass and large drums, but the resulting mild overhang isn't unpleasant. Meanwhile, treble is comfortably extended and open, with a spacious quality that makes images seem unusually generous.

If truth be told, they're not always utterly precise, but again, this is a trade-off we're inclined to accept at this kind of price. Midrange detail is good and there's no feeling of veiling with complex, multi-stranded music. You could do a lot worse!