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Get your business web site speed-tested for free

Get your business web site speed-tested for free
Compare your site against thousands of other sites

Technology performance service Compuware Corporation has launched a new service, to help web owners to compare and optimise their web sites.

A sites performance is one of the few knows about the way Google ranks websites on their search results page; the slower the response time, the lower down the search results a site appears. Unfortunately for most small businesses testing your sites latency (the time it takes to respond to a customer typing in the URL and hitting return) and comparing it against the competition is a costly business, which is where Speedoftheweb comes in.

All a business needs to do is put in their businesses web address in to the Speedoftheweb site, then choose a site for the test to come from - there are six sites spread around the world to choose from - and hit return. Compuware then calculates the web performance – it takes about 45 minutes for the test to be completed - and compares it to one of 15 lists of 1,000's of the world's most trafficked websites—as ranked by Alexa and Compuware Gomez benchmarks – in different vertical sectors including: finance, healthcare, travel, retail, media, sports and more.

Speedoftheweb compares your site to other businesses

Speedoftheweb shows basic speed test data for your site

Returns 15 key performance indicators

In addition the site also offers 15 key performance indicators (web performance optimization KPIs) using Compuware dynaTrace and PurePath Technology, in-line expert recommendations and immediate action paths to easily improve web performance.

"With end-user expectations higher than ever, the cost of poor website performance is huge, both in terms of lost revenues and brand loyalty. End-users are showing less patience for slow-performing websites and expect their applications to perform at lightning speed. Even a slight reduction in application performance can determine if a customer will return to a website to do business again," said Alois Reitbauer, Center of Excellence Web 2.0 & Mobile Performance Expert, Compuware APM.