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Sagem and Goodmans unveil Freesat PVRs

Goodmans - Freesat PVR appears
Goodmans - Freesat PVR appears

Goodmans and Sagem have become the latest manufacturers to produce Freesat + PVRs to compete with Humax's award-winning set top box.

Goodmans – part of Harvard PLC – has been slated to produce a Freesat PVR for some time, but has now finally produced two boxes, the Goodmans GFSDTR500HD 500Gb and the GFSDTR320HD 320Gb with both on sale at Argos.

Sagem as well

That snippet of news was rooted out by PVRJunction who also found Sagem's new Freesat range.

Sagem is producing three new boxes for its range, including the non-PVR Sagem DSI86HD Freesat HD Digital Box.

Sagem freesat+

SAGEM FREESAT +: Now at an Argos near you

But it will be the personal video recorders that attract the most attention, with the 250 GB Sagem DTR94250S Freesat+ PVR and the 50GB Sagem DTR94500S unveiled.

Via JoinFreesat