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Skype on PSP puts iPhone in the shade

PSP Skype
The PSP Skype add-on is proving popular in Japan

From iPhones to PCs, Skype has clearly become the dominant VoIP application on a range of platforms since its arrival in 2003 but we'd have been hard pushed to guess the area where it appears to be coming up fast on the rails.

According to recent market research from Japan - and let's not forget what a useful tech weather vane the Far East can be - the second most popular Skype platform is the PSP.

iPhone nowhere

Naturally, computers account for most Skype usage (97 per cent), but the Sony device's hefty 6.6 per cent share is a real surprise.

Barely a year on from Skype hitting the littlest PlayStation, it has already beaten normal mobile phones and smartphones like the iPhone (4.2 per cent, combined) by some margin.

If the broadening of the Skype base continues to push it to platforms beyond just the desktop, then parent company eBay's plans to IPO Skype as a separate firm next year could see quite the rush for shares.