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New family gaming website launches

"And then if you hold down the Ctrl key, you can rip his arm off"
"And then if you hold down the Ctrl key, you can rip his arm off"

Dad won't stop talking about his Mega-Drive, Mum's nostalgic for Tetris and Junior just wants to know who's going to buy him Call of Duty 2. Can families ever game together?

A new website from the Association of Family Gamers thinks they can, offering over 600 game reviews plus advice for bewildered parents.

Family Gamer ( starts with the basics of choosing consoles and games, goes on to introduce the various genres, then feeds into reviews that are written with families in mind.

Consoling the family

Each review highlights who a title is aimed at and its possible appeal to other members of the family. Because of this, the site categorizes its reviewers as 'dad gamer', 'mum gamer', 'twenties gamer', 'teen gamer' and the ever-poignant 'gamer wife'.

The site looks a little sparse at launch, but apparently plans to have a section on upcoming games, as well as general editorials about gaming as a family.

For anyone suffering intergenerational games disputes, Family Gamer's message seems to be: the family that plays together, stays together.