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Bing adds age-guessing tech to image results

Gary Busey

Remember, the website Microsoft revealed during Build 2015 that told you how old someone in a picture looked based on robot magic (also known as algorithms)?

Now Microsoft has taken its age-discerning tech and applied it to Bing image results. When you look up someone in Bing, tap Images and select a pic. Hover over the image and a gray little dude will appear along with "#HowOldRobot" and a prompt to see age guesses. Give this a click, and the estimated age of the person you've searched for appears.

It's not totally fail proof, and the tool admits as much when it generates the results along with this message: "Sorry if we didn't get it quite right, we're still improving this feature."

There's no word whether this is will be a permanent Bing fixture, though it does give the search engine a feature Google doesn't have. We were able to get #HowOldRobot to work in Chrome but not in Firefox.

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