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Microsoft reassures on Yahoo takeover plans

Microsoft's president of platforms and services, Kevin Johnson, has offered his employees words of reassurance to quell their unrest and give some insight into the company's proposed merger with Yahoo.

When Microsoft attempted to acquire Yahoo for $44.6 billion (£22.4 billion) earlier this month, many wondered if the drama was over after Yahoo said it would not accept a deal that was "grossly undervalued". But, after rumours suggesting that Yahoo might try to merge with News Corp, and the possibility of a proxy fight over the Board, it looks like the fun has only just begun.

Significant rewards

"People are the single most important asset in this combination," Johnson wrote to worried associates. "We want the very best talent at the combined company, and we will demonstrate this to Yahoo and Microsoft employees at each step of the deal. There's no question we will dedicate significant rewards and compensation to Yahoo and Microsoft employees."

Addressing concerns over differing cultures, Johnson asserted that: "Both companies share a passion for great engineering, creativity, and development of services and technologies that truly can change the world."

Johnson did his best to allay fears of employees being replaced if Microsoft and Yahoo combine. But as he pointed out, "it's business as usual" going forward and so far, no such deal has been reached.