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20% will flog Xmas flops on eBay

eBay - boom time?
aBay - boom time?

Twenty per cent of us plan to sell unwanted Christmas presents over the internet, according to a survey.

A well-timed poll by suggests that masses of us will be flogging our less successful presents on the likes of eBay.

Of the 7,000 polled, one in five suggested that they would not be letting the unwanted junk gather dust in a cupboard with, somewhat inevitably, younger people keener to list items on auction sites.

Not gratefully received

Nicola Rowe of said: "Sadly not all gifts were gratefully received this Christmas, with many of us now heading to our PCs to place unwanted Christmas presents on online auction sites, rather than leaving them to gather dust at the back of a cupboard.

"From CDs and DVDs that don't fit people's musical tastes, to vases that just don't match the decor, millions of gifts are already being repackaged for sale online."

TechRadar would like to point out that it LOVED its string-backed leather driving gloves and sweater with a reindeer on and will, of course be keeping them for eternity. Or nearest offer.