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Honor V40 launch date pushed back until January 22

Honor View 30
Honor View 30 (Image credit: Honor)
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We were expecting the Honor V40 smartphone to launch on January 18 - that's today, as of writing - but it turns out the new phone is instead coming January 22.

In a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the company announced this launch date delay, saying the launch was 'affected by the conference venue and equipment'.

This means you'll have to wait a few more days to see what Honor's new phone looks like, before the China-only launch and release.

Will it get a worldwide release?

Previous Honor phones like the Honor V30 got China-only launches followed by global ones - outside China, the 'V' is expanded to 'View', so we could see the Honor View 40 released in some regions.

That pattern was the case when Honor was owned by Huawei, however Honor was recently sold by them to another company. As a result it's hard to say for sure what'll happen with this new phone.

We'll have to wait and see, and if the Honor View 40 does get a global launch we'll cover it here on TechRadar. 

Tom Bedford
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