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We're double jumping with joy over the upcoming Black Hops III beer

Black Hops III

If you’re a gamer who doesn’t reside in the UK, you’re likely feeling a tad jealous (and slightly parched) over the prospect of missing out on the UK-exclusive Fallout beer from Bethesda and Carlsberg that was announced earlier in the week.

Now Australia has gotten in on the exclusive video game beer scene, with Activision announcing its own beer to celebrate its upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

The pun-tastically named Black Hops III: Midnight Pale Ale will be available in a limited run from the online beer store BeerBud from November 2nd, just four days before the game’s release on Friday, November 6.

Unlike the Fallout beer, which has simply thrown a Fallout label on an existing Carlsberg beer, Black Hops III is an Australian craft beer exclusively created for the release of next Call of Duty installment by Black Hops Brewing – a Gold Coast brewery started by Michael McGovern, Eddie Oldfield and Dan Norris.

We can assume that it will be better than the (presumably room-temperature) Fallout Carlsberg beer because it is Australian, and it’s a scientific fact that Australian craft beer is the best beer.

Take that, England (and Denmark).