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Oculus Rift gets the star treatment with Sundance debut

Virtual reality was given a movie makeover at Sundance this week with Oculus Rift used to show off the next-generation of movies – ones that will be so big in size they make the Imax look puny.

Although Oculus' makers have hinted that the likes of Gravity and Pacific Rim would be fantastic viewed through its VR headsets, what was shown off was, well, a little less awesome.

A retooled version of Beck's performance of David Bowie's Sound and Vision, which was filmed in 360 degrees last year, was chosen as a demo.

"People are cheering and taking photos. It's incredible," said Wired's Angela Watercutter. "Then I look down. Instead of seeing knees or feet, I see Beck's Chelsea boots."

That, right there, is the future.

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