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Microsoft makes Windows 7 Touch Pack available for all

Ahhh novel tranquility
Ahhh novel tranquility

Microsoft has made its Touch Pack for Windows 7 available for all, allowing people with touchscreens to show off a blackboard, a pond and the surface globe.

Touch Pack for Windows 7 was made available for manufacturers to out on their touch-screen enabled PCs a year ago, but Microsoft has now decided that everyone deserves a chance.

"The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 was first introduced last May as a series of 6 applications that are designed to showcase Windows Touch in Windows 7 and to help people learn touch gestures," explained Microsoft.

Casual and Surface

"It consists of 3 casual games, and 3 Microsoft Surface applications that have been created for Windows 7," it added.

"Until today, the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 was only available for OEMs to put on new Windows 7 PCs capable of Windows Touch. Due to feedback and requests from both partners and customers, we are releasing the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 for anyone with Windows Touch capable devices to download."

The applications in the pack are: Microsoft Blackboard, Microsoft Garden Pond, Microsoft Rebound, Microsoft Surface Globe, Microsoft Surface Collage and Microsoft Surface Lagoon.