Samsung Infuse 4G review

The Infuse 4G is a huge phone, but is it a huge success?

Samsung Infuse 4G
TechRadar's definitive Samsung Infuse 4G review

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Call us old fashioned, but no matter how big and bright its display, we've never been quick to watch videos on our phones. The Infuse 4G is just capable enough to change that.

It's huge, bright, comes with 16GB onboard memory and an expandable microSD, and has a great battery - most (if not all) of our concerns about phone viewing were nullified.

Samsung infuse 4g

But if you still don't want to watch videos on your phone, you can always use the Infuse's dongle for video-out. We found this to be pretty much worthless, as you have to have the dongle connected, and the phone plugged in to a wall outlet. By the time you might actually use it, you'll probably have lost the dongle or the living room won't have an outlet available.

Samsung infuse 4g

But the Infuse isn't just great for videos, it also great for music. The Infuse has a fairly snazzy music player, which looks a little better than most Android players, and allows for vertical and horizontal orientation.

The volume is plenty loud, though since the speaker is on the back, you'll probably want to flip the phone face down before blasting your heavy metal.

The gallery app is pretty neat, boasting an accelerometer-based tilting mechanism and the ability to pinch in and out of stacks of photos and videos. Strangely, the back button doesn't work while watching videos through the app, so you'll have to resort to the onscreen button to exit videos.

Samsung infuse 4g

The Infuse 4G also comes with the Samsung Media Hub, an on-the-go media store that's packed with shows, music, and movies. Perhaps best of all, you can get a free $25 Media Hub credit just for purchasing the Infuse 4G which should entice wary spenders.

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