The first thing that impressed us about the battery life is the fact that it could be charged fully in roughly two hours, which is more handy than people realise when you suddenly are aware you need full juice for a trip away or similar.

However, the quoted 20 days of standby seems a little optimistic, given that we could get around 1.5 days out of the phone on an average charge, and managed to run it down in a day twice under very heavy usage conditions.

Given that it's supposed to give you over 30 hours of music playback, it's probably best you don't use it for anything else to come near to that point.

The nokia n97

The organiser on the phone is obviously tailored more towards the business user, given that the calendar is within easy reach and the Office suite being well stocked.

However, we were hoping to try and write some of this phone's review on the handset itself, but were met with a myriad of 'No Application License' and 'Connect to download catalogue' error messages from the QuickOffice application, to which we could find no solution, so writing our own document was sadly out of the question.

If we had to guess, we'd say this was down to having an early model and Nokia will fix this soon, but we were a little disappointed by the fact we couldn't put together a word, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation.

The calendar was a different story though, as it took to touchscreen well. Inputting meetings and reminders was a lot easier thanks to the large buttons placed at the side, and the reminders were subtle yet helpful, which we were pleased to see.