Nokia Lumia 928 review

You'd think Verizon would've wanted a red Lumia

Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia Lumia 928

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There's a notable lack of consistency to the Lumia line these days, and the Lumia 928 doesn't have the standout design of other models, or the killer megapixel count of another. Despite that lack of a singular hook, it is a very good to great performer in most regards.

Verizon subscribers only have a handful of Windows Phone 8 devices to choose from. Should the Lumia 928 command that particular spotlight?

We liked

The Windows Phone 8 interface still impresses with its style and simplicity, and it runs extremely well on the dual-core 1.5Ghz processor found in the Lumia 928. The display of the handset is also great, and the colorful tiles look especially sharp.

Though it's not leading the line, the 8.7-megapixel camera benefits from its Carl Zeiss optics and low-light sensor, which makes for clearer and brighter shots even when proper illumination isn't available.

Verizon's 4G LTE service delivers excellent browsing and download speeds, not to mention stellar call quality.

We disliked

Battery life is unremarkable, and won't get heavy users through a full day without a charge. There's no option to remove or swap the battery, so be prepared to top off in the afternoon or utilize power saving options.

The dull design is adequate, but unremarkable. Lumia phones are known for being visual standouts, but this black or white brick disappoints in that regard. The lower corners, while rounded, still jut out and tend to jam into your hand during use.

App selection is still middling and well behind that of other mobile platforms, plus even browsing the store is a mess due to lazy copycats clogging the listings. That's not Nokia's fault, but it holds the WP8 experience back.

Final verdict

The Nokia Lumia 928 is a very solid Windows Phone 8 device that performs well in everyday use, has a slick display and a sharp camera, and benefits from Verizon's great 4G LTE network. It's not, however, a standout handset in any real notable regard, nor does it offer much of a leap over the Lumia 920 model that it shares many features and innards with.

At $99 on a two-year contract (even less at some retailers), however, it's a solid value, and should entice those who are interested in a move to Windows Phone 8 without shelling out ample green up front. It would've needed a better battery and a lot more visual appeal to really be a great or memorable option, but if affordability and performance hold equal weight amongst your priorities, the Lumia 928 fits the bill.