Nokia C6-01 review

Can the cheapest Symbian^3 phone to date offer good value?

Nokia C6-01
The definitive Nokia C6-01 review

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Nokia C6-01 review: Verdict

Nokia c6-01

The Nokia C6-01's camera and video capabilities exceed those of the Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S, being equal on paper to the HTC Desire HD. Although the phone feels a little weighty for its size, it is lighter than the iPhone 4 and Desire HD.

From a usability point of view, it scores very highly as a result of its usage of the Symbian^3 OS and shared hardware with the likes of the pricier Nokia C7 and Nokia N8. As long as you don't mind a bulge in your pocket and are after a phone that provides a good mix of high end functionality and lower-end price, the Nokia C6-01 is for you.

You should remember, however, that if you want to use your phone as a media-playing device you will need to spend a little extra to upgrade from the 2GB microSD card provided.

We like

It's great that the GUI appearance and functionality is shared with all Symbian^3 devices and offers three user-customisable Home screens - this is the 'Marmite' feature that will either delight or put users off, as some think it still very dated and some love the familiarity.

We were impressed with the eight-megapixel camera and 720p video recording.

Having Ovi Maps pre-installed with maps and free app and map data upgrades is superb, and the quantity of applications available via the Ovi Store and third-party websites can really expand the phone's abilities.

We dislike

The C6-01 feels heavier than it should for the size and is thick when compared to its other dimensions.
The screensaver and call screens don't auto-rotate, which we found annoying. The lack of a pre-installed Converter app is a strange omission.

Really, it needs a larger memory card for camera, video and media use.


The Symbian^3 debate is threatening to divide phone lovers the world over - is it a case of gadget snobbery from the Android/iPhone lovers, or is the UI simply too outdated to compete?

The Nokia C6-01 should be commended for a number of reasons - it manages to replicate the experience of the N8 in a much smaller and cheaper package with little difference.

For only £15-£20 a month, we can see those looking for a reliable touchscreen phone with decent battery life finding a lot to love with the C6-01 - and others will like the high end features, such as USB on the go.

However, it's not the sexiest device on the market at the moment, and in direct comparison, only the camera is superior to cheaper products.

Those not wanting to mess around on the internet or play games all day long will find a lot to love with the C6-01 - but if you're more agnostic, we suggest you try out some Android devices like the Orange San Francisco or the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Ace before committing.