Nokia Asha 201 review

No 3G or Wi-Fi - can the Asha survive in today's world?

Nokia Asha 201
Web browsing may be tricky without 3G or Wi-Fi, but the battery goes on and on

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Nokia asha 201 review

We've mentioned several times the lack of 3G and Wi-Fi on the Nokia Asha 201. We might be able to live without one of the pair, but to have both missing really does hamper the phone.

Any connected activity, from browsing the web to picking up email and even checking your Facebook, takes a bit longer than it could. And you'll have to pay for every bit of data you use without Wi-Fi onboard to assist.

So we should be thankful for Bluetooth, we suppose.

Nokia asha 201 review

Nokia rates the battery as good for up to 52 hours of music playback, seven hours of 2G talk and 888 hours on standby.

We charged our phone on a Friday morning and by the following Tuesday it was down to three bars. In that time it had been on standby, including overnight. We'd made about 15 minutes of phone calls, spent 15 minutes shooting videos and photos, listened to half an hour of music, sent a few texts and done a small amount of web browsing.

Most people ought to get a couple of days between charges without an issue.