The internet browser on the Nokia 6700 Classic is hardly Safari Mobile with all its smart-fit bells and whistles, but it powers along the mobile versions of websites without a care in the world.

It can handle both full HTML and mobile versions, but the 2.2-inch screen isn't really equipped for loading full site information and sometimes struggles quite comprehensively under the load.

Nokia 6700 classic internet

It's also bizarre how there's no way to view the history on the phone – if you choose the option it will just take you to a visual representation of the pages you've already looked at, not those which you viewed outside of the current session, which is a bit irritating should you forget to bookmark.

However, it performs well when trying to look up things like BBC mobile sites and their ilk, and there's always Opera Mini pre-installed onboard should you be looking to check out the full internet.

Nokia 6700 classic bookmarks

The 5MP effort of the Nokia 6700 Classic is a very good one indeed, despite being devoid of Carl Zeiss optics like those seen on the higher end Nokia phones.

It's actually one of the best 5MP efforts on the market, edging out the Samsung Jet S8000 and thrashing the frankly rubbish effort on the HTC Hero.

The LED flash is absolutely tiny (we had to check that was actually what it was given how small the opening was) and as such can only operate at close range. Unsurprisingly it isn't used as a video light.

The range of options is good, and more than enough for your average mobile photographer (or mo-pho). White balance can be adjusted, which is good for moving between indoors and out, and there's the basic range of quality and megapixel settings, should you require a photo that you can easily send via email and MMS.

Nokia 6700 classic camera

There's no macro mode, but a simple half-press of the camera button will activate auto focus, and we found it was surprisingly intuitive to whether we wanted to look at the fore- or background.

There's also a quick capture option of using the enter key in the middle of the phone if you don't want to faff about with AF. The dedicated key is also pretty hard to press down so you might find yourself reaching for the centre more often than not.

Nokia 6700 classic camera

Video recording is adequate too, with VGA (640x480) the maximum resolution supported, but only at 15 frames per second, so action will look a little jerky and stereotypically phone camera-like.

However, this can be improved should you want to drop resolution, although that obviously comes with its own trade-offs.