LG Optimus G review

An awesome phone, but a little too late?

LG Optimus G review
Our definitive preview of the LG Optimus G

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Though it has big numbers associated with it, the 13-megapixel camera is probably the most disappointing aspect of the Optimus G. If anything, 13-megapixels just means a few million more pixels in each digital mess this camera produces.

OK, digital mess might be taking it a bit far. The Optimus G does take reasonably nice photos on bright sunny days: so long as there isn't a strong light source behind the subject and your hands are still to assist the auto-focus.

LG Optimus G - cam test 1

Beyond these perfect photo opportunity, the Optimus G will struggle. In decent indoor lighting you will probably have a 50% chance at a photo you'd choose to keep, but the auto-focus is a constant concern.

LG Optimus G - cam test 2

Mixed lighting conditions bring the camera in the Optimus G to its knees. Subtle differences in light often result in poor shots, while a strong light source in frame will ruin any photo. We attempted to take several shots at a football match, but the stadium lights bloom like firecrackers.

LG Optimus G - cam test 3

LG Optimus G - cam test 4

The camera has plenty of software tircks and gimmicks though; obviously where LG spent the bulk of their development in this area. There is a burst shot mode that lets you choose your favourite shot from a small collection, there is the ability to take selfies by screaming "cheese" and there is even a feature that takes several shots before you press the shutter in case you miss that perfect moment.

Ultimately, these features mean little when the photos end up looking so average anyway.