Huawei Ascend P6 review

Huawei takes on the Android big guns with its strongest smartphone yet

Huawei Ascend P6
It's got the looks, but can it keep up with the big boys?

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We found the Huawei Ascend P6 to be merely competent when it came to shooting video. It can handle Full HD 1080p footage, though in our experience it wasn't completely smooth, with the odd noticeable glitch or stutter.

Video is set to 720p by default - perhaps due to the Ascend P6's limited internal storage, or perhaps because 720p video is that much easier and quicker to share.

Reasonably impressive was the way the phone handled changes in light when moving from the glare of a sunny summer afternoon to the shade of a tree and out again. The auto-correction on these occasions was quick and effective, which is all you can ask of an upper mid-range smartphone camera.

Huawei Ascend P6 review

One notable feature that's missing here, and which can be found in most of the Huawei Ascend P6's high-end (and near-high-end) rivals, is the ability to take stills whilst recording video. Instead you simply have the option to switch between the two with a virtual toggle.

On the other hand, image stabilisation, HDR video and object tracking are all options within the stripped-back video interface, though as with the phone's Full HD capability they're all turned off by default.

Image stabilisation didn't seem to be particularly effective when, for example, taking a video whilst walking along.