BlackBerry Z30 review

BlackBerry goes big with the 5-inch Z30

BlackBerry Z30
It's big, it's BlackBerry, but will it sell?

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The video camera on the Blackberry Z30 only offers Normal, or Stabilisation shooting modes. The are just a trio of scenes too, with Night, Beach and Snow on offer.

You can also opt to have the flash stay on for recording in the dark and switch between 1080p or 720p quality. You simply tap on the screen to start recording and tap again to stop. The flash icon sits at the bottom left to allow you to shed more light on your subject if required.

The front-facing camera can only capture 720p video and, as stated before, it's really for video calls.

In very busy environments with a moving camera going in and out of direct sunlight, the camera struggles with a lot of movement - even with stabilization on.

With indoor video the camera deals well with slight movements, but it does have trouble with the light source and shifting subjects. You can also hear the audio break up when there's a piercing scream.

Up close and mostly stationary you can really see the potential quality of your videos. The audio is clear and the picture quality is very good.

The video camera does a fairly good job from a speeding car, but you can hear the wind whipping round the microphone. You can also see it trying to adjust to the murky light in the sky.