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PDF Complete is a capable editor, offering a lot of features out of the box, all presented in a nice, convenient interface that most people should have no problems navigating. While the application might seem a bit dated when browsing through some parts of its interface, it still works just fine under the hood, and provides you with most features you would expect to find from an application of its kind. In addition, the older-style interface could actually be a positive for some users, as the program works very well on older, less powerful machines. Combined with the low overall price, this makes PDF Complete one of the best offers for budget users.


  • +

    Easy to navigate interface

  • +

    Works on slower machines

  • +

    Cheaper than most alternatives

  • +

    Great overall PDF editor packed with different features


  • -

    Can be a bit dated in some regards

  • -

    Free demo doesn’t showcase all features

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There are lots of different tools on the market for PDF editors at the moment, as various companies are trying to serve the needs of the different segments of their user base. Some are aimed at regular home users who only need a handful of features in their daily use, while others are much more advanced and packed with special features, typically meant to be used in office environments where productivity is key.

PDF Complete leans towards the latter side of the spectrum, with a wide range of features designed to make creating and editing PDFs as easy and streamlined as possible. It can take a while to get used to the program and where everything is, but it’s well worth the effort. The interface has clearly been designed to mimic the style of other popular solutions on the market, so it should feel immediately familiar to those coming in from something like Adobe’s suite.


PDF Complete's pricing is a bit confusing as the Corporate editing has less features than the Office edition (Image credit: PDF Complete)

Plans and pricing

PDF Complete is offered in two premium versions, Office and Corporate. The names might be a bit confusing to some, as the Corporate version is actually the lower tier, starting at $49.95 (though it’s discounted regularly). The Office edition, on the other hand, starts at $129.95, and is similarly discounted on a regular basis. The Corporate edition comes with a basic range of editing features, including the ability to rotate and move pages, insert and delete content, fill out forms, and scan documents into an editable PDF.

On the other hand, the Office edition comes with everything included in Corporate, plus some advanced editing features, as well as the ability to export to different formats. This includes various Microsoft Office formats, as well as XML, EPUB and more. This edition also enables secure editing features, as well as a convenient snipping tool.


There is also a demo available so you can see which version best fits your needs (Image credit: PDF Complete)

There’s a free demo available, though unfortunately it doesn’t cover the complete range of features available in the full application. Users might want to read carefully about how some of the advanced features work before committing to a premium purchase, even after testing the demo version.


PDF Complete is packed full of editing features, and comes with plenty of tools that should fit most users’ needs. This is especially true for regular home users, as well as those who need to do frequent PDF edits during their daily work. All standard editing features are available and are easy to use, including the ability to cut, resize, and rearrange documents freely, and to convert scanned documents into editable text.

The program also comes with secure features – at least in the higher-tier premium version – that will allow you to sign and secure your documents, making it ideal for corporate environments and heavy daily use. Users can also apply watermarks and notes. 


PDF Complete has a familiar and accessible user interface (Image credit: PDF Complete)

Interface and in use

The interface of PDF Complete should feel familiar to those who’ve already used professional PDF editors in the past, as the developers have done their best to imitate current design trends. Most features are where you’d expect to find them, and the rest don’t take a lot of effort to find either. As we mentioned above, the interface may feel slightly dated in some areas, though this is compensated by the fact that the program has very low hardware requirements.

Some users might be disappointed by the lack of a few basic options, like the ability to view documents in a two-page layout, though this could be easily attributed to the different design goals of the application as opposed to a traditional PDF reader. PDF Complete still works very well as a daily reader, though there are better options in that corner of the market.


PDF Complete's Help Desk contains tutorials, a troubleshooter, a knowledgebase and more (Image credit: PDF Complete)


The company has a dedicated support team on standby, and they also offer a comprehensive knowledge base that should cover most of the issues you might encounter during your use of PDF Complete. Make sure to go through the provided information if you encounter issues related to UI peculiarities, as there is a lot of information already available on topics that you might run into issues with.

The competition

PDF Complete faces competition from many tools like Adobe Acrobat DC, PDF Architect, and more. The program is aimed more at commercial users rather than individuals at home, though its low price could also make it attractive to the latter crowd as well. Make sure to check out the demo version before making a purchase, though also remember that it doesn’t showcase the full range of available features.

Final verdict

PDF Complete is a more than adequate solution in its part of the market. It doesn’t take long to get used to, and it comes packed with lots of useful features that should satisfy the needs of most users on the market. The comprehensive knowledge base and responsive support push it even further in the charts, and as long as you’re comfortable with the slightly outdated look, this is a great application all around.

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