Trend Micro Internet Security Pro

Can PC-Cillin’s new guise make for a better security suite?

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Our Verdict

Speedy but expensive security option


  • Scans quickly
  • Some handy features


  • Cheaper options out there

As more features are packed into Internet security bundles, the price steadily increases. Trend Micro has ditched its PC-Cillin name and gone straight for some of the market that Kaspersky, F-Secure, Panda and BitDefender seem to be gobbling up from McAfee and Norton. A one-year subscription will still set you back £55, and this price puts Trend Micro's Internet Security Pro on a par with Norton 360 and McAfee's leading suite, so what are you getting for your money?

The Pro label adds a few features from the standard Internet Security 2008 suite, including identity-theft protection, Wi-Fi hot-spot verification and basic PC performance tuning. The subscription price follows the current trend of permitting between one and three installations, and the old PC-Cillin interface has been refreshed.

Speedy scan

What we really liked about Internet Security Pro was the speedy scan process, which on a busy XP machine proved much faster than previous installations of Norton, Panda and QuickHeal. Spyware and virus scanning is integrated together in one scan, but we found scanners such as Ad-Aware to be more effective for spyware.

The product comes configured to run three specific scans on a regular schedule, and you can schedule additional full or custom scans as you wish. Internet Security Pro scans every file that you access by default, including incoming and outgoing mail, but thankfully notifications aren't too intrusive. You can also monitor instant messaging.

The Wireless Home Network Monitor reports on all PCs connected to your network every half an hour (even wired), but its value is limited given that you can manage your Wi-Fi through your router panel or in Windows itself.

Trend Micro's Internet Security Pro doesn't exactly disappoint, but the price remains a stumbling block when you consider that other good suites can be purchased for £20 less.