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SteelSecurity review

Reduce your system footprint through optimised security

SteelSecurity comes with a number of set game profiles

Our Verdict

A versatile and unique security approach that will be particularly useful to gamers


  • Unique approach

    Intuitive GUI

The differentiation between competing antivirus products is usually straightforward.

Most compete on the number of extra modules offered, on ease-of-use and often on who can shout the loudest about the efficacy of the security level on offer. SteelSecurity, however, takes an entirely different approach which makes it unique.

PC games are about the most performance-intensive consumer applications you can run; they soak up more processor cycles, megabytes of RAM and GPU-time than pretty much anything else.

The idea behind Steel Security is that the antivirus suite's modules consume less resources from the moment a game is launched, thereby freeing up more for use by the game engine.

The software comes with a number of set game profiles. For example, if you fire up a networking-heavy title such as World of Warcraft or Eve Online, the firewall and antivirus elements consume less bandwidth, and don't disrupt the experience with pings.

Likewise, hard drive usage is minimised, so the game isn't fighting the software for exclusive use of your platters. In addition, auto-updates and scans are halted for the duration of play, so you're never bothered with pesky messages, and the game has access to all the resources it needs.

While it's a little more difficult to use Steel Security's low system overheads effectively when using more serious applications, we have to admire its scalable nature when it's time for fun.

Along with being gamer friendly, SteelSecurity offers everything that Bullguard Antivirus offers - that is antivirus protection, a decent software firewall, a spam filter and a useful 1GB of online backup space.

Although this can only be accessed through the software's clean, intuitive GUI, Steel has plans to introduce a browser-based interface to let you access your data anywhere, and you can buy more space if you need it.

Even if we put gamer-friendliness aside, this is a quality antivirus program, which can be toned down in the options to run silently, and its BitDefender-powered scan engine rips through scans really quickly. If you're a gamer, the price is right.