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MOApp myBlogEdit 1.3 review

A 'stylish' blog editing tool that's both a step up and a step down from a browser

MOApp myBlogEdit 1.3
Configuration is anything but simple with myBlogEdit…

Our Verdict

Lacks features and is hard to use and configure


  • Supports most major blogs
  • Has a file uploader and manager


  • Poor interface hides features
  • No rich text editor for formatting

Billed as 'the weblog editor for people with style', myBlogEdit tries to bridge this gap by offering features you can't get in a browser.

myBlogEdit supports major blog-editing systems, including WordPress, TypePad and Movable Type, and has most of the features available in their browser interfaces for managing and publishing entries.

In addition, it has a spellchecker, syntax highlighting, and find and replace. Its highlights are a media manager and an image uploader as well as a file manager.

However, while it may be for stylish people, these folk still need to grasp the basics of XML-RPC to set it up as it lacks RSD support for easy configuration. It also has severe deficiencies, including a horrible interface that hides important functions until you hit the Publish button and a tendency to crash when dealing with categories.

Principally designed with WordPress in mind, myBlogEdit is certainly a step up on WordPress's interface, but its support for Movable Type is lacklustre and in many ways falls behind that system's far better web interface.

Compared with rival ecto, which has none of its flaws, it's also massively inferior, lacking even a rich text editor. A browser's still better and ecto's still best.