One of the most widely used online storage options around

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Our Verdict

One of the most widely used and it's obvious to see why. It has some great features but we can't help but feel you may need more storage


  • Good features
  • Easy to use
  • Good integration with OS


  • Storage size could be better

There is no major difference between the free and paid-for version of Dropbox besides the amount of storage space provided – 2 and 50GB respectively.

The beauty of working with the service is that it has client software that will integrate well with your operating system, whatever that happens to be. The Dropbox storage space appears as any other folder would, and any files to be stored online can be simply dragged and dropped into place.

Besides basic file-sharing and photo gallery functionality, Dropbox has few features beyond making files available online. As these are available in the free product, this means that there's little to fault: everything works quickly and the effective synchronisation is a major boon.

Other options worthy of note include file versioning and restoration of deleted files. Dropbox may not be as feature packed as some of the other online storage options, but what is present works very well, and there's little to argue with in terms of the pricing.

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