BitDefender Internet Security 10

A scan profile to suit every occasion

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Our Verdict

An effective program but slow and unwieldy to use


  • Accurate virus scanning


  • Overcomplicated scan profiles

Vista Aero is great, but it doesn't save BitDefender Internet Security 10. The program is still ugly, with a cluttered interface. And that's not the only problem you might encounter.

The anti-virus engine is one of the most accurate around but it proved slow. There's a confusing mass of scan profiles to choose from (Deep, Full, Quick, Memory, and more), while the new rootkit detection feature refused to function at all on our system.

The firewall improves on previous versions, with more automated set-ups of trusted applications, and the ability to detect and block port scans. Other modules include an ordinary Bayesian anti-spam tool and a basic spyware detector with new protection for personal data.

Parental controls are improved with a useful heuristic web filter, blocking sites through analysis, instead of lists or keywords. Lots of features, then, but they're not quite special enough to justify buying the full package.