Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009

Trend have updated their virus suite but it appears not much has changed

Our Verdict

A fairly comprehensive collection of tools but a little too heavy on system resources for some


  • File locking
  • Home network manager


  • Heavy on resources
  • Increased boot time

Trend Micro has streamlined the naming of this suite, and removed the PC-Cillin sub-brand. On the surface, this is all that has changed, as the interface remains largely unchanged from previous editions.

Installation is relatively simple and, in terms of layout, Trend Micro follows a similar design to other packages, so we found it easy to navigate.

In terms of tools, there are plenty on offer, as you'll find the standard array of scanning and clean-up tools, as well as a two-way firewall, anti-spam, anti-phishing, browser and IM protection. There are even parental controls, which makes this a great choice for a family sharing their laptop with children across a range of ages.

What makes this the Pro version, instead of the standard package (£45 inc. VAT), is the inclusion of extra tools, such as remote file-locking and a home networking manager, which allow you to add and control two further machines, and then centrally scan them for faults.

File locking

File locking is a great tool for those who take their laptop on the move. Should you lose your machine, you can report it and if the laptop is later connected to the internet, your files will be locked from prying eyes. This may not retrieve your laptop, but it will certainly keep sensitive data private.

In terms of virus scanning, we found it cleared away viruses just as effectively as the bigger names, but there is an overall impact on system resources. We found the average boot time of our test laptop increased and we also found scans running in the background were heavier on overall system resources.

You won't find this a problem if you have a fairly high-end machine. However, Netbook or budget laptop users may find this a burden.

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009 works well, but fails to offer anything you won't find handled slicker or quicker elsewhere. For the asking price, we'd suggest checking whether the Pro version is right for you, as you may well find the standard version is better for the average laptop user's need.