BitDefender Total Security 2011

A full suite of PC security and performance tools from BitDefender

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  • Good virus detection
  • Good suite of tools


  • Price

BitDefender Total Security is another very solid product, with no particular specialities that push it above the herd, but no major weaknesses either.

It caught all the malware, it didn't fall for any traps, and it did it very effectively indeed, with quick scans and reasonable CPU and memory loads.

It has a dedicated gaming mode for keeping resources under control, and is one of the few products that does a proper scan of your PC before even installing, just to make sure it's safe.

The interface is somewhat unusual, initially looking like there aren't many features, before revealing that they're tucked away to help prioritise the ones that you actually use. Don't need laptop mode? Flick a switch and it'll never be shown again. Not a gamer? Say goodbye to the gaming mode.

Alternatively, if you want everything up front, you can just as easily switch into a more advanced user mode mode with all the options.

One excellent touch is that before you use the software, it offers to actually guide you through, with one tutorial for existing BitDefender users and another for complete newcomers.

In terms of features, it's the standard loadout: firewall, parental controls, and a few extras for tuning up your PC and backing up files. The slightly cut down Internet Security 2011 edition loses the last couple of features, which is fine if you already have space to store your things, and costs slightly less.

There's also a pure antivirus edition, which is one of the cheaper on the market. This misses out on the firewall and parental controls, but otherwise still offers everything you could need to stop malware in its tracks.

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