Ubuntu 9.04

Why wait for Windows 7? Ubuntu is ready to take over the world right now

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Our Verdict

The best Linux distro, and a great OS choice in general


  • Good included software
  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • Limitations for Kubuntu users

It's amazing that the Ubuntu boot media is still a single CD, which you can use as a Live session if you need to.

One cutting-edge enhancement to the installation is the addition of 'ext4' as a filesystem type, which improves read/write speed by about 25 per cent. It's not enabled by default as some users have reported issues with file integrity, but in testing we found no issues.

A standard installation weighs in at 2.2GB, and bundles several software updates. OpenOffice.org 3 and GIMP 2.6 take centre stage. Strangely, Kubuntu users have to do without Firefox and GIMP, and the KDE package manager is less user-friendly.

This being Linux, there's nothing stopping you running any application – but that would be ignoring the obvious care and attention that's gone into the standard installation. For once, you feel like the Ubuntu developers are thinking like normal computer users – and that's why Ubuntu is currently the best Linux distribution on the planet.

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