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Freeverse Periscope review

Create a simple CCTV set-up at home with this software and your existing webcam

Periscope enables you to use your existing webcam as a CCTV-style system. Try the demo on the DVD.

Our Verdict

An inspiring bit of software that goes hand in glove with paranoid fantasies, but pricey


  • Fun and easy to set up
  • Motion and sound activated
  • Mac or ftp integration
  • Excellent layout of controls


  • The price is too high
  • No image resize option

This is another good release from Freeverse, the company behind the excellent Sound Studio 3. The application squeezes fun and value out of your webcam or iSight by capturing images in a variety of ways and publishing locally, by email or to the web.

Periscope appears as a single window that shows the current view seen by your webcam. In a menu to the left of that view are options of what to do with either stills or movies taken by the camera. You can automate the application to ‘share’ (publish) images to a .Mac account, other server space, via email, to a local folder or straight to iPhoto.

Motion sensitive

The real fun is how images are captured. The software has motion and audio triggers that capture the scene and publish the image when something moves or makes a noise. With a webcam in the right place and your Mac constantly running, you can have your own video security system set up. Or, more creatively, set up a stop motion film project, film foxes in the garden or check what the milkman’s really delivering.

There’s no resize option for the images captured through Periscope, so you may need to manually resize the amount of pixels in the image to fit your web template.

As a 1.0 release Periscope is already a viable and enjoyable product, although EvoCam is its obvious competitor. Periscope is much cheaper and has been around for a long time, building up a good name and rich feature set in the process. We suggest looking into both if you’re in the market for this kind of application. Certainly Periscope is easy to use and should be considered.