Toshiba LX830-10F review

Can a Windows 7 all-in-one cut it in a world of Windows 8 PCs?

Toshiba LX830-10F review
Not the most attractive all-in-one, but the Toshiba LX830 is sturdy

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The Toshiba LX830-10F is a decent media device. Along with the aforementioned TV input, this all-in-one computer comes with a remote control and speakers in the form of Onkyo stereo speakers that offer virtual surround.

The lack of Blu-ray drive points to the first of the Toshiba LX830-10F's problems. The basic model has an attractive price of £699 (around AU$1,076/US$1,121), but it lacks a lot of desirable features.

It's easy to upgrade most aspects of the Toshiba LX830-10F when you buy it from Toshiba, so it's flexible enough that you can create a version that suits your needs. Bear in mind, though, that as you begin adding features the price - one of the Toshiba LX830-10F's main plus points - begins to quickly rise, making us wonder if it wouldn't be better to pay a bit more to begin with for a more powerful and feature-rich all-in-one.

The second problem is that with an older generation of processor and operating system, the Toshiba LX830-10F feels out of date already, and certainly won't be as future-proof as an all-in-one that boasts the latest components. Again, spending more money now may be the best move, since buying a more up-to-date PC will save you having to upgrade or buy another one later down the line.

We liked

The 1080p screen looks great when playing high definition footage, and there are enough additional media bits and pieces to make this a good choice if you're looking to replace both the TV and PC in your bedroom with an all-in-one device. The price compared to some of its competitors is also very good.

We disliked

Going by the basic model, there are a few omissions that we feel prevent us from fully recommending the Toshiba LX830-10F as an all-in-one for the front room. The screen looks great, but at 23 inches is slightly too small for most living rooms - an all-in-one with a 27-inch screen would be more appropriate.

The lack of Windows 8 is a shame, but can be easily and cheaply rectified. However, the slightly older components inside the Toshiba LX830-10F are less easily and cheaply upgraded, which gives this all-in-one the feel of a slightly outdated machine.

Final verdict

For a budget all-in-one computer that will mainly be used for media, the Toshiba LX830-10F is a perfectly acceptable choice, with a very nice screen (though slightly on the small side) and a good price.

However, if you want a machine that really shows potential of all-in-one PCs, then the Dell XPS One 27 Touch or the Lenovo IdeaCentre A720, though more expensive, will be better buys.

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