Akasa Integral P2NSX

Good quality enclosure for your SATA drive

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Our Verdict

A good quality enclosure if you decide it's a worthwhile investment


  • Well-made
  • Does its job well enough


  • Cheaper alternatives
  • Can be a little tough to fit

The Akasa Integral P2NSX enclosure has been designed to house a standard 2.5-inch laptop SATA drive. There is a standard USB port for connecting to your laptop.

However, this wouldn't be a SATA drive without support for eSATA, so you'll also find an eSATA port.

Connecting with eSATA allows for a theoretical speed of up to 3Gbps but this is dependent on the speed of the drive you fit.

Awkward installation

When it comes to installing the drive, simply unscrew one end and slide out the base of the housing. It's awkward to fit, but once connected you can connect it your laptop and it will be recognised like any other drive.

External drives are falling in price, so this may not be the easiest way to add extra storage. If you have a spare drive, however, this is a great way to make the most of it.