Intel Core i5 2500T review

Intel delivers some low-powered gaming muscle

Intel Core i5-2500T
Intel's Core i5-2500T could suit a mid-range gaming rig

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The latest crop of Sandy Bridge CPUs all have different graphics core speeds. The Core i7 2600S has base and maximum frequencies of 850MHz and 1,350MHz, Core i5 2500T 650/1,250MHz and the Intel Core i3 2100 850/1,100MHz.

We tested them all at their default speeds and then, because the i3 2100 could only make it to 1.3GHz when overclocked, this speed was used as another line in the sand to test the graphics cores, with the i7 2600S having its graphics core underclocked to get to that level.

CPU rendering performance

Intel core i5 2500t benchmarks

CPU video encoding performance

Intel core i5 2500t benchmarks

1080p CPU gaming performance

Intel core i5 2500t benchmarks