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MSI Big Bang Marshal review

Everything you could ever want in a P67 motherboard?

Our Verdict

A great multi-GPU board, though despite incredible OC scores can't best the competing Asus mobo in straight performance terms.


  • Feature-packed
  • Multi-GPU friendly
  • Great overclocker


  • Can't beat the Asus RoG board


MSI has thrown absolutely everything at its latest Big Bang Marshal P67 motherboard, and it all seems to have stuck. This is quite simply the most fully featured Sandy Bridge P67 motherboard around.

The stand-out feature, at first glance anyway, is the frankly ridiculous eight full-size PCIe lanes striping the expanded board.

Well, it was going to have to be bigger to house all them slots.

But the ability to drop in up to four graphics cards isn't the only thing the Big Bang Marshal has got going for it. As an MSI Big Bang class board it's the Taiwanese company's flagship Intel mobo and as such only the best components go into its make up.

And that means it's also got some serious overclocking chops to it as well.

But you may be wondering at the wisdom of going for a P67 motherboard in the light of Intel's Cougar Point debacle. Fear not, Intel had already rectified the silicon design before it told the world of its error, and as such, when this board goes on sale at the end of April it will be error free.

So no falling over SATA 3Gbps ports a couple of years down the line.

There's a lot going for the MSI Big Bang Marshal then, so just how good is it?