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Asrock Conroe XFIRE eSATA2 review

Very cheap, but at a price

It's based on Intel's 945 chipset

Our Verdict

It may be cheap but it's just not worth it


  • Very affordable


  • Limited performance and overclocking potential

Conspicuous bargain or false economy? Just what to make of Asrock's slightly zany LGA775 socket motherboard?

For starters, it's based on Intel's 945 chipset which in theory does not support the Core 2 family of CPUs. However, since Core 2 has effectively carried over the Pentium 4's front side bus, Asrock has been able to pull strings and scratch backs. The result is an extremely affordable Core 2 motherboard.

However, Asrock has not been able to work around the 945 chipset's 667MHz DDR2 memory limitation. This lack of memory torches its chances of topping the performance tables.

Factor in the limited overclocking options and headroom in the BIOS and you'd have to be on a tiny budget before considering this board.