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ASRock 4Core1333-Viiv review

An old favourite returns

Cheap but nothing new here

Our Verdict

Cheap, but there's nothing here to recommend this motherboard


  • Compatible with recent technology


  • Poor performance
  • Awkward layout

Once again Asrock has done some of us a favour and taken last year's chipset and made it compatible with this year's technology.

This relatively cheap motherboard is based not on any cutting-edge chipset, but on Intel's aging 965 platform.

Dodgy layout

Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but an almost complete lack of overclocking control coupled with the worst board layout in living history really puts us off this one.

For some inane reason the main 20-pin power cable is situated not on the convenient edge of the board where you'd expect it to be, but right in the middle, where the cable is bound to get in the way of things more than ever.

This sort of cavalier attitude coupled with some really lacklustre performance sinks this Asrock offering to the bottom of the barrel.