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SAC HD Wireless Sender 1080p review

A wireless HDMI video sender to suit the style concious

SAC HD Wireless Sender 1080p
Coping with 1080p content easily, this is a good video sender for top quality video


  • Small, stylish design
  • Excellent video performance
  • Receiver supports DD 5.1 bitstream output


  • Units tend to run hot
  • No HDMI loopthrough on transmitter

When it comes to design, the SAC HD Wireless Sender has got its groove on. We love the fashionable swirly pattern on the casing, which makes a nice change from regulation gloss black.

Two iPod-style bases are provided to stand the units vertically, which helps cool what transpires to be hot-running electronics.

Connectivity is limited to a single HDMI v1.3 input/output on the transmitter and receiver, along with a power feed and IR blaster mini jack.

Performance is very good. The units boast a transmission distance of no more than 30m, but we experienced no problems during our tests. Image support extends up to 1080p.

We didn't need it but if the transmitter and receiver units fail to connect there is a booster button on both. These must be pressed simultaneously and the two boxes then re-sync. Picture quality is reduced as a result, though.

Ease of use is also good. Immediately after being powered up, with the transmitter taking an HDMI input from our Sky+HD box and the receiver unit connected to a second-floor TV, both automatically linked. Moments later a Sky channel was delivered to our second set. The Sky EPG could be navigated seamlessly, and recordings played from the Planner.

Both SD and HD TV streamed to our second-floor test room without judder or stutter. HD signals appeared extremely clean.

For our second test, we fed our transmitter with the HDMI output of a Sony Blu-ray player and routed the HDMI from its sibling receiver into an AVR. Not only did the 1080p image pour across with no visual impairment, the Dolby Digital 5.1 bitstream from the disc came with it, dutifully turned into full surround sound by our home cinema amp.

Performance using our motion resolution Blu-ray disc was excellent. There were no compression artefacts and motion scrolling is perfectly smooth. Audio quality is also fine with no low-level audio hiss apparent in the transmission stream.

It supports Dolby Digital 5.1 bitstream and stereo PCM but could not deliver multichannel PCM when a multichannel film soundtrack was converted from bitstream to PCM before transmission.

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