LG UltraWide 34UC97 review

Great for work, games, and movies – but it's costly

LG UltraWide 34UC97

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We liked

The LG's capacious size and high resolution nail the balance between sharpness and screen space, with a density level that beats 1080p screens without resorting to the squinting needed on some larger 4K panels.

The curved design works well, too, gently arcing the corners towards the user. Whether it's for gaming or work, that's a boon.

It's a high quality unit overall. Colour accuracy is consistently good, and brightness and contrast are similarly decent – to get anything better you'll have to spend more on pro-level panels.

We disliked

The LG's size may make work and play better, but it means other screens are more versatile. The LG is heavy and takes a bit of effort to build, and there's limited scope for adjusting the panel's height and angle.

Some of its screen modes aren't much cop, either, and uniformity is a little lacking – no surprise across such a large screen.

And finally, there's the price. This screen may be curved and a good quality display, but priced at £730 (or $1,086 in the US, which is around AU$1,4200), it's a lot to pay to replace a more conventional panel or two.

Final verdict

The LG's curved design, high resolution and huge diagonal make it a high quality replacement for single 4K panels or a pair of 1080p screens, and the form factor means it's tempting for work, games and movies. Screen and build quality are both high, too, although the high price could be a stumbling block for many. Think hard before deciding that this screen is a better option than more conventional alternatives.

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