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Jackson Hewitt Online combines its software service with real help

Jackson Hewitt Online
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Jackson Hewitt Online is an ideal solution for tax filing duties if you require online and real-person advice in order to ensure you’ve covered all bases.


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    Ideal for basic filing

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    Wizard-style interface

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    Dependable help system

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    Good mobile support


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    Some pricey aspects

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Jackson Hewitt Online is another internet-based tax filing solution that originated from over 6,000 actual offices where the company delivers the same thing, only with the benefit of real people assisting you every step of the way. As the name Jackson Hewitt Online suggests, they’ve taken the best bits of that service and applied it to this online tax preparation software. 

And, as you’d expect from a company with so many branches and a capable history they reckon that Jackson Hewitt Online can get your tax affairs completed and filed both accurately and on time. Having the best of both world's is also useful during the coronavirus pandemic. Rival options include TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxSlayer, Liberty Tax, eFile, TaxAct and FreeTaxUSA.

Jackson Hewitt Online

Jackson Hewitt Online comes complete with a great selection of online tools (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


Jackson Hewitt Online has simplified its strategy over successive years, having had various packages previously. Which one you'd choose would have been dependent on the complexities of your tax filing affairs. 

However, Jackson Hewitt Online has made amendments to its pricing structure this season and things are currently even more straightforward than ever, with $24 being the universal charge for state tax filing, or $25 for federal. There's a $49 option too, which covers all bases.

Jackson Hewitt Online

You'll find a raft of crucial tax forms inside the Jackson Hewitt Online workspace (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Jackson Hewitt Online is how they promise to get you a guaranteed maximum refund and, they say, if you can do better elsewhere then they’ll cover the difference. 

That’s certainly a good place to start, but Jackson Hewitt Online are also big on their accuracy and the level of assistance they’ll deliver during the course of your filing duties. 

Once you’re inside the straightforward tax-filing workspace you’ll find that there’s nothing too intimidating, while the useful calculators let you pinpoint the likes of depreciation costs without much in the way of fuss or bother.

Jackson Hewitt Online

Jackson Hewitt Online has the benefit of offering physical branches that you can visit (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


Along with the Jackson Hewitt Online promise to save you money you’ll find that this internet-based tax filing solution rumbles along nicely, once you’ve got yourself set up with an account. 

The service also offers secure storage and access to your tax returns as and when you need them and for up to six years for no additional charge proves useful, especially if you find yourself having to go back in time to check figures from earlier years. 

All in all then, Jackson Hewitt Online therefore ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the performance part of the equation.

Jackson Hewitt Online

Having tax professionals to hand when filing can be a real bonus (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)

Ease of use

Jackson Hewitt Online has been nicely tweaked and fine-tuned over the years and more recently it seems to be functioning better than ever. 

The company has incorporated some very cool tools that aid your filing mission, with something like the W-2 locator tool proving to be an essential addition that allows you to lay your hands on that precious documentation when it might not be immediately obvious where it happens to be. 

The same can be said for their library of other crucial IRS forms, that can all be found via the Jackson Hewitt Online site.

Jackson Hewitt Online

There's a package to suit a wide variety of needs within the Jackson Hewitt Online service (Image credit: Jackson Hewitt Online)


If you’re going it alone and prefer to stick with the wholly internet edition of Jackson Hewitt Online then you’ll find that there is still help at hand via the unlimited online support and live chat features. 

However, along with the internet options, the other big bonus of using Jackson Hewitt Online is the way that the service can be used in tandem with their physical branches across the US. 

Given that some issues with tax filing can be complex to explain, being able to talk things through in a real-world environment makes this support aspect of the Jackson Hewitt Online experience particularly practical.

Final verdict

Jackson Hewitt Online is something of a double-deal when you’re looking at filing your taxes. Whilst everything can be done online, and many people will be happy with that, there’s also the benefit of being able to work hand-in-hand with any one of the 6000-odd physical branches across the US. 

Jackson Hewitt Online is pretty fuss-free too, with a three-step process that involves signing up and the creation of an account. From there you pick through the guided steps, working out your maximum refund along the way, before finally e-filing at the end of it.

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