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TechRadar Verdict

iDentalSoft brings the goods to manage a dental practice, but we wish that the pricing was more upfront, that there were mobile apps, and there was a free trial. By our estimation, the negatives are too many on this one.


  • +

    Choice of support methods

  • +

    Enhanced credit card processing

  • +

    Robust patient portal

  • +

    Automated patient reminders


  • -

    Opaque pricing

  • -

    Lacks mobile apps

  • -

    No free trial

  • -

    No refunds for partial months if canceled

  • -

    No toll free support number

  • -

    Missing support methods including chat

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iDentalSoft set out in 2010 to become the leading cloud-based dental practice management software solution. It is based out of Milpitas, California, better known as part of Silicon Valley, with an additional office in Kansas City, Kansas. Its goal is to unburden dentists from the burden of running software locally on a server, with the IT difficulties that are inherent to this, and to offer a modern cloud solution to streamline practice management for dentists.


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iDentalSoft takes the oodles of features approach to features on both the clinical, and the business side of things. Its goal is “100% paperless practice management.”

Front office common tasks are supported, including registration forms, as iDentalSoft has the feature of paperless registration. Forms are filled in from either a kiosk, or a tablet in the waiting room, or alternatively via an online patient portal, which can be done whenever the patient wishes, even from the convenience of home. Whenever the paperwork gets completed, the office staff then is alerted so they are aware it needs a review.

Patient engagement is another focus of iDentalSoft. A single, one off email is sent right from the program directly from the patient’s profile, and subsequently tracked. Automated reminders are also integrated as patient appointment ‘E-confirmations’ are sent- via email or SMS- to get patients back for their services. Lists for recall can be generated with ease.

There is enhancement for payment, as credit card processing gets integrated also. Front desk staff have the capability to accept payments, either in person or via the phone. Payments can also be made automated, through the patient portal from anywhere the patient is located.

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Charting is quite intuitive for clinical activities, via an odontogram that is interactive along with periodontal charts. There is also the ability to overlay them over time, to track a patient’s progress as their treatment proceeds. There is enhancement of navigation with autocoding that is a snap to use, along with keyword searches. Once the info is charted, it can be converted with a single click to a treatment plan that is easy to understand. Patients get to easily visualize what their insurance provider will reimburse, and what their financial responsibility will be. Another feature is eSign which allows patients to sign consent documents with a mouse or fingertip so their treatment will proceed.

Administrative tools are also provided to support the dental practice. Features include user roles assignment for each team member- front office, provider, biller, administrator, owner. This then controls the level of access for what the user can access, and restricts them from areas that are more than their role. Another feature is employee blocking from remote logins.


Our first issue is that iDentalSoft lacks any app support for mobile platforms, which is somewhat surprising as it is increasingly popular, both for use in the office, and also when on call. Also keep in mind that iDentalSoft is for use via “Any internet-enabled device,” such as an iPad, with the company encouraging this option.

Yet another shortcoming is that a free demo is available, but our choice would be for a free trial, which iDentalSoft lacks.

Also, users indicate that iDentalSoft is only in a single language- English, so outside the US market there is a lack of support. Additionally, users yearn for more options, such as to advance the X-rays automatically for easier viewing, and also for additional capability for on screen adjustments of radiological images.


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There are multiple methods for support of iDentalSoft. It starts with phone support, however it is a long distance number and not a toll free one. Additionally, there are limited hours, from 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, with no detail provided of closures on the weekends or holidays. Further confusing is that there is a blurb that tickets and emails do get reviewed after hours, which hardly indicates if assistance gets offered more regularly on the off hours.

Email is another method for support, but be aware that it is not HIPAA compliant, and identifying patient information is not to be transmitted through this. An online portal is also available to submit tickets directly. iDentalSoft indicates that support via email and the ticket portal does happen as the incoming issues are reviewed on the off hours.

The other methods are lacking, including online chat, and furthermore we did not find any onboarding videos.  Also missing are on demand education, webinars, eBooks, and a community forum to support users of the platform.


All too frequent for this type of software these days, and particularly for cloud software, iDentalSoft gets sold under a subscription model. The pricing is completely opaque, with no further information on the company’s website, other than that company contact is a requisite for a custom quote.

Data migration has an additional (and unknown cost) for users that have an existing dental practice software provider interested in changing providers.

Scouring the internet, we glean that the starting cost for the software is $250 (£189) monthly, without further detail on how many dentists are covered, or for the number of locations. Credit card payment is the preferred method, without refunds or credits for a partial month of service.

Final verdict

 iDentalSoft has plenty of the right ingredients for running your dental practice. Pros include enhanced charting, support method choices, and a strong patient portal allowing for bill pay by patients. Cons are plentiful and range from the too opaque pricing model, the missing mobile apps, no free trial, and the undisclosed additional charge for data migration. Ultimately, iDentalSoft misses the mark with its offering of its cloud-based dental practice management software. 

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