Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 (Preview Edition)

Much appreciated improvements have been made to this fun gadget

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Our Verdict

Much improved, this is now a fun and user friendly gadget


  • Compact
  • Works well
  • Easy to use


  • Software could be better

While it's highly unlikely that our previous Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 review became a design bible for the Preview Edition, it's uncanny that most of our problems with the original unit have been fixed.

Our main criticism was the lack of headphones. DJing at any level requires the ability to monitor the track you are cueing up, and even an Automix option can't be trusted to accurately perform a perfect beat-matched transition.

Fun and functional

The new wireless cans suddenly justify the device's mobility and tracks can be selected, prepared and mixed-in all from the unit. Even the more minor quibbles have gone: the slight stickiness to the sliders is absent now, ensuring smooth fades and volume changes.

Okay, the software isn't up to the standard of even Atomix's Virtual DJ, but it's certainly fit for purpose. We'd also still like the option of external power for the unit.

In the end, though, these small issues don't detract from the fact that the Mobile DJ Preview Edition is a fun and functional entry level DJ controller.