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Griffin Elan Snap-in review

Wear your iPhone on your belt

A mix of leather, suede and plastic, it’s available in tan or black leather

Our Verdict

Not as good as it could be. It feels too flimsy to cradle our beloved iPhones


  • Nice interior
  • Quite stylish to look at


  • Not very robust build
  • Belt clip looks silly

While ‘Elan’ and ‘Snap-in’ might sound like a queasy mix of words – one summoning images of the Riviera and the other a kind of bargain-bin disposability – they do describe this holster to a tee.

A mix of leather, suede and plastic, it’s available in tan or black leather, which is stitched around the plastic cup that makes up the body of the holster. The soft suede lines the interior so your iPhone is effectively being polished whenever you slide it in. The plastic is the skeleton but also forms a clip around the back so you can attach the whole thing to your belt.

It was acceptable in the 80's

Unfortunately we wouldn’t trust our iPhone with this holster for too long. Yes, you can whip the iPhone in and out with no problem, but it’s not a very well-built product.

The plastic is thin and weak – you can twist it with your fingers and the clip is flimsy to the touch. Besides, just about every friend you have is going to throw insults at you for looking like a right plum for wearing your iPhone on your belt. Didn’t that look go out in the 80s?