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Griffin AirClick review

For total control of your iPod mini, try this remote control

The remote itself has a clip on the back so you can attach it to an item of clothing or bag

Our Verdict

Despite the remote being a tad flimsy, the AirClick is great for remote iPod control


  • Ease of use
  • Control your iPod mini up to 60 ft away
  • Can be attached to bike or steering wheel


  • Flimsy remote control
  • Can't change album

There's no doubt that the iPod has made listening to music on the move easier than ever but, let's face it, even our favourite little MP3 player isn't without fault.

There are times when you're down the gym or in the car that you wish you could have better control of your iPod mini, without having to fumble around in your pocket to change track or adjust the volume. That's when you need this neat little gadget from Griffin. The AirClick is a great accessory that enables you to control your iPod mini with a remote control.

Simply click the receiver module into the top of your iPod mini, switch on the remote and you're away. It works by transmitting its commands by radio frequency, much like your average cordless telephone, which means you can use the remote when you're as much as 60 feet away from your iPod mini - you can control it even if you're in the next room or upstairs.

It's great news if you connect your iPod mini to a pair of speakers and use it as your main speaker system at home. It means you can skip tracks and control the volume from all over the house.

The remote itself has a clip on the back so you can attach it to an item of clothing or bag etc, but if you're going cycling or for a workout, the AirClick can be clipped onto the Remote Cradle (included with replacement strap) for even more flexibility. This useful little device can be strapped onto the bars of your bicycle or the treadmill and enables you to control your iPod mini while running or cycling without the risk of losing concentration.

On the whole, the AirClick is good value at just £27. It look good - although it would be nicer if it were available in iPod mini colours - and it feels sturdy when attached to your mini. However, you can't change album using it and the actual remote feels a bit flimsy and would only survive a couple of falls on the gym floor before meeting an untimely end. Sue Huntley